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Detoxify Defined with Green Smoothie Girl

By our friends at GreenSmoothieGirl

We live in a toxic world. Luckily, we have organs of elimination, that help you detoxify every day.

But what happens when they can’t keep up? When our liver, kidneys, or the blood aren’t filtering fast enough?

The FDA has approved 84,000 chemicals for use in our environment and food without testing for long-term disease risk for those breathing, drinking, and eating them.
It’s no wonder we’ve gone from 1 in 200 getting cancer just a few generations ago, to 1 in 2 now, for men. (And 1 in 2.4 for women.) Your grandparents did not face these challenges!

Imagine a Model T motoring through the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s—this is a time when there was so much particulate in the air in 1936, that babies and old people were literally dying of dust inhalation. Now imagine that same car if you never changed the air filter—ever. While the danger has changed format, this isn’t all too different from what we are currently exposed to.

You don’t want to get caught in a situation where your “filters” are unable to keep up with the cleanup required to deal with:

  • pesticides and preservatives in our foods
  • chemicals in our cosmetics and personal care products
  • fluoride, plastics, chlorine, and drug residuals in our water supply

Medical research throughout history has a thing or two to teach us about how your body detoxifies, how it may be struggling, and how you can resolve the issues:

Cleaning Up Your Detoxification Pathways

Dr. Bernard Jensen studied over 10,000 human colons. The substances found in us humans might shock you.

It turns out that excesses of meat products and white flour, especially in combination, are the worst culprits for gumming up your 35 feet of digestive tract. Dr. Jensen discovered a phenomenon he called “catarrhal mucoid plaque,” a buildup of substances without fiber or nutrients and undigested proteins in the gut, primarily accumulated by people eating a meat-intensive diet and those who eat processed flour and sugar products.

Keep It Clean When You Eat Green

Dr. Ann Wigmore discovered some powerful things about the cleansing properties of greens. She healed herself of an advanced colon cancer many decades ago with diets and lifestyle changes and has been promoting her Living Foods Lifestyle ever since. Her work with plants like wheatgrass juice, almond milk smoothies, and other living foods is championed by many clinics worldwide to this day.

The truth is, it’s powerful to follow a protocol that optimizes your elimination pathways, eliminate toxic foods, and eat only the most cleansing foods, twice a year–for a total reboot, and excellent health. It may seem difficult to find the perfect green meal routine without flying to one of the Wigmore-inspired clinics, but you can learn how to devote respect to your liver, kidneys, colon, and gall bladder from the comfort of your own home.

Organs of Elimination Cleansed and Optimized

In the 1930’s, after German Doctor Max Gerson discovered how to eliminate his reoccurring migraines, he was able to help thousands of people came to overcome theirs as well until he was forced to flee Nazi Germany for the United States.

In the US, Gerson discovered dietary secrets that helped thousands with advanced-stage cancer heal after traditional Medicine had written them off. This is detoxing at its most healing, and because it is so effective, the Gerson diet is still used by millions after a lifetime of proven efficacy.

The Real Benefits of Detoxification

What might you experience if you detox? It’s a tough question to answer, but to get started, Robyn made this short video about what kinds of health benefits are most commonly reported to her in her detox class:

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In a Toxic World, Detoxing Isn’t Optional

Through deep study of the work of Dr. Jensen, Dr. Wigmore, Dr. Gerson, and many others, Robyn Openshaw developed a protocol (and beta tested it) that holds exciting results for everyone completing her 26-day detox program. She has led over 9,300 people through a process where in less than a month, detoxers experience phenomenal health benefits that feel like turning back the clock 10 to 20 years.

You’ll want to grab a seat in our friend Robyn Openshaw’s Detox Video Masterclass, right away, while it’s FREE for friends of Annmarie Skin Care.

As you become educated about how your body cleanses itself and where it needs help, you may wish to “reboot” twice a year. When you’re ready, Robyn explains how you are giving your fat cells a “pink slip.”

That’s because most of us are holding onto fat stores, for a very important reason: Chemical toxic agents are attracted to (and trapped in) fat stores. We struggle to lose the fat because our bodies don’t want us to release them to our most critical organs (like the kidneys and liver).

When we detoxify, fat stores are released far more easily—since detoxes relieve them of that job.

And when we keep our cells and organs clean and clear, they are able to reward us with strength, mental resilience, and emotional clarity.

Emotional Benefits for a Physical Detox

If you join Robyn in this Video Masterclass about detoxing, you can learn how releasing years of toxic material can lead to far more than physical wellbeing.

She explains in this special video, a bonus for those who have watched the first three videos, exactly why emotional energies are trapped in undigested proteins that build up in those eating the Standard American Diet.

You’ll learn about how to love your liver and how to give it a rest twice a year.

Are you interested in a twice yearly detox?

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